Martha Wolf
Veronica has been very knowledgeable with a very caring attitude. I have found her approach to be well rounded and she will try to help you get the additional information you may need.
Reva Ruhe
I have found Veronica to be caring, kind, professional and knowledgeable. She really tries to work with her clients in order to come up with very workable plans. She sees each client as an important individual and works with them one on one in order to make every area of their lives better.
Claudia Belindean
Veronica is a great trainer for the elderly population. She understands their minds and how to make a fun work out time with them.
Kristin Heffernan
She’s the best trainer ever! Very helpful& compassionate
Kris Soske
Veronica is a great lady, doing a great service to seniors!
Barb Fredericks
Veronica is through in diagnosing treatment and helping me to achieve my goal of being stronger and more flexible. She encourages and makes sure I am doing exercises correctly. She is professional and well trained. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health through exercises.specifically designed for each individual.
Valerie Bovey Hooks
I hired Veronica to help out my 88-year-old dad with corrective exercises and she has been wonderful! My dad loves her! He thanks me weekly for her and feels like he has been better balanced and has more strength. Thanks, Veronica for great personalized service and taking good care of my dad!
Carol Kirkman
Veronica has a patient, kind and totally professional approach to personal training. She knows just what my needs are and the exercises suit me perfectly. I especially appreciate that they target my core and balance issues. Her fees are completely reasonable and she is so accommodating in coming to you! I would certainly encourage anyone to seek her help and advice for their fitness needs."
Georgianne Duback
Veronica is a champion for good health and helping seniors gain strength and confidence and having fun in the process. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and always, always has her clients best interest at heart. I have been a client for over a year and I have gained confidence and strength. Veronica is very passionate about her craft and always puts her clients first. Ok I am so grateful to work with her, and I will continue my journey with her. She is patient and has been a most excellent work ethic, I very much recommend her, in my estimation you will be happy you did.
Chi Pack
Veronica provides personal training and customized fitness programs to my patients, post therapy, throughout the greater Vancouver area and I couldn't be more pleased with her professionalism and abilities. Our patients are very satisfied with her level of expertise and sensitivity to their individual needs and communication styles. Thanks for everything you do!!!